8 Guilt-Free Halloween Diet Tips

halloweenHalloween is here. It’s the time when candy is handed out freely, pumpkin is cooked in all shapes and forms and friends share treats, dinners, and chocolate. It’s also time for serious talk about fat loss pills!

Maybe you’re already thinking about which treats you’d like to have this season. After all, who can resist a pumpkin pie made with great  ingredients and topped with delicious whipped cream, right?

While it’s possible to take advantage of treating yourself to some goodies this Halloween, it’s also important to plan what you’re going to be eating. You migh use some fat loss pills or none if your will is strong enough, but I find that we all need as much support as possible around the holidays. Plan the whole days around Halloween, because this way you are in control of what comes into your body and will not feel as guilty  knowing exactly the calories you have taken in.

This will ensure that you do not feel guilty and continue your path to losing the weight that you need to lose.

Here are the rules to keeping your diet in check

1. First and foremost, do not skip breakfast and do not sacrifice it for something else. This means that it’s not permissible to dismiss the most important meal of the day for a piece of pie or candy or other foods for that matter. Know that if you skip breakfast, the plan will backfire on you. So repeat after me: “I will not skip breakfast anytime I’m invited to a party and especially on Halloween.”

Phen375 veggies2. Concentrate on eating protein and vegetables during Halloween. Eating protein will ensure that you stay focused on your diet while you cut your cravings. Plus, protein will make you feel more full and less hungry than any other foods. Also, incorporate some green vegetables in your diet. vegetables provide you with fiber. Dietary fiber found in vegetables is a great way to help relieve any type of constipation. It also helps lower your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

3. Try to have a deficit of calories 2-3 days before the “big event” or party. This means try to stick to a low calories diet, but without starving yourself.

4. Try to eat most of  your meals before 7 pm. this will ensure that your body is burning all the calories it needs before you go to bed.

5. Get the help of good fat loss pills, specifically an appetite suppressant like Phen375. This will help ensure that you don’t eat too much. There’s nothing worse than starting to eat bad foods for your diet and not being able to stop.

6. Resist the urge to eat empty calories filled with carbohydrates, like candy. It’s better to have a goal in mind, like eating a piece of s pumpkin pie after lunch over eating candy throughout the day. If you eat the pie, try a low fat or non-fat cream topping.

7. Drink water throughout the day to flush out toxins out! Water tends to also make you feel full. Do not skip it. A rule of thumb is about 8 glasses of water per day.

8. Stay focused! If you eat too much, don’t punish yourself. Stop and say “that’s OK. I will stop now and all is well.” The next day, you should get back on your diet without any guilty feelings. Just start fresh and do not add any more damage to damage that was already done.

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